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Welcome to Multimediart
What we do
CD sale of more than 537 CDs from over 310 luxembourgish artists, bands and productions. You can find us at many music events in Luxembourg.
Our Goal
Our goal is to support people who don't have a label to promote and sell their CDs and/or self-productions. We represent the platform for music made in Luxembourg on CD.

Latest News
"DAT DRËTT OUER" vu Multimediart op Radio Diddeleng 103,6FM
"DAT DRËTT OUER" a Radio Diddeleng 103,6FM.

+ MUSEK, esou faarweg wéi den HIERSCHT +

Haut Mëttwoch, den 20.10.21 vun 20:30h - 21:30h op Radio Diddeleng 103,6 FM!

Widderhuelungen: Donneschden, den 21.10.21 vun 15:00h - 16:00h op Radio Diddeleng 103,6 FM!

Freiden, den 22.10.21 vun 11:00h - 12:00h op Radio Diddeleng 103,6 FM!

E Samschden, den 23.10.21 vun 18:00h - 19:00h op Radio Diddeleng 103,6 FM!

An e Sonnden, den 24.10.21 vun 16:00h - 17:00h op Radio Diddeleng 103,6 FM!


1. Exemo – De Jangeli – An iwwerhaapt wisou (2011)

2. Thierry van Werveke – Cha Cha Che – Dat Bescht an de Rescht (2009)

3. Everyday Zulu – Wild Horses – Touch the Earth (1994)

4. Lupo & Friends – Pact with the Devil – Welcome to the House (2007)

5. Luke Haas – No Discount on Love - So Long (1993)

6. Mat Dawson & the Warehouse – Midnight Tango – Coco & Fahrenheit (1990)

7. Lazy Bones – Fork & Spoon – Fork and Spoon (2005)

8. Sleepwalk – Firwat – !? (1997)

9. Largo – Riders on the Storm – Fables of the Lost Time (2003)

10. The Luscious Ladies – Papa Was a Rolling Stone – The Luscious Ladies Project (2007)

11. Heavy Petrol – The Story of Mr Johnson – Petrol Train (2017)

Guarisci presto Gigi Felten FORZA!!!!!!

Widderhuelungen: Donneschdes 15:00, Freides 11:00, Samschden 18:00 an Sonnden um 16:00 Auer

***100% Lëtzebuerger Musek!***

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What Concert?
Ech weess net winni mer kennen, erem virun enger Bühn stoen

A jaitzen wann et ons gefaellt! eis beweegen bei der Musik ... etc.

Wéi soll dat aus gesinn?

Do musse mer dann op d'Herden-Imuniteit warden oder op e vaccin!

Majo dann, bis ...


Radio Emissioun
Eng Emissioun iwwer lëtzebuerger Musek, a villes mei!
100% lëtzebuerger Musek, mam Petz, mam Dan a mam Vitor.

All Mëttwoch 20h30 bis 21h30 Auer
Donneschdes 15h00, Freides 11h00, Samschdes 18h00 a Sonndes 16h00

op 103,6 FM Géigend Diddeleng, soss um internet ennert

Am Interview waren: den 06/11/19 Angel's Whisper, 04/12/19 Vittorio Merlo

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Iwwerrechung vun engem Schek un d'Fondatioun Thierry van Werveke
Iwwerreechung vun engem Scheck iwwert 1000€ un d' Fondation Thierry van Werveke, aus dem Erléis vum "10 Joer Multimediart - NAZZ NAZZ RELOADED FESTIVAL" deen den 28.11.2015 an der Kulturfabrik/Esch war!

Mär soen all den Museker an eisen Sponsoren an Jidderengem déen gehollef huet, een décken CHA CHA CHA fir ären Asaz!

E speziellen Merci geet un LUCCED, TUYS, D'JUJU an MOOF déi den Festival gerockt hun!

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Three easy Steps
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    1. You will shortly receive an e-mail
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    3. The CD will be shipped to your door by mail.
    4. Postage is 3€ for up to 3 CDs. (for lux. residence)
      For international orders please contact us.
For further information or any other request, please contact us.

Appeal to musicians and bands
We want your CD in our Archive
Every member can participate and have one or more entries in our CD Archive.

To become a member you have to:
- fill in our suscription form.
- provide us at least 5 CDs of your production
- buy one or more membership cards for the price of 5€. (Membership form)

We will sell your CDs on our stands for one year.
Your CD is listed in our online archive and in our catalogue.
You can display your concerts on our site.

You can also become an actif member of MM8.

To become an actif member you simply have to:
- fill in our suscription form.

More infos about Multimediart a.s.b.l. can be found here.

For further information or any other request, please contact us.
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